Healing humanity medically one patient at a time is the best practice in ALPHEAFAM. We capture the promises of medical revolution that enhances medical outcomes. The hospital out of passion to save life and create a healthy living that accommodates solutions to diver’s health challenges was established in September 2014, but came into full operations on 1st April, 2015. However, we are a model of what health care can and should be in the 21st century to serve her immediate and host communities going beyond peculiar medical requirement to embrace with other innovation services that will bring about expected result.
Our procedures in attending to numerous customers is designed to literally take health care to the next level and make Alpheafam Hospitals a global model of how to best heal body and soul. With the entire members of staff dedicated to their duties, the hospital is in her overview truly a home away from home.

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To be recognized as one of the best service providers within the medical industry and to become the reference point for local and international patients in order to help stem the trend of medical tourism.



To provide our clients with quality, efficient cum effective services that uses the most available technology to offer value entrenched, driven by passion for treatment, that provides solutions to satisfy their needs.



Our hospital complex is situated in a very serene environment that is easily accessible from all parts of the town.



Growth and development
Hard work and productivity
Continuous improvement
Service to customers  with passion and commitment.



In our field, the experience of an institution such as ours is predicted upon the cumulative experiences of the medical personnel. Our team has over the years successfully carried a lot of diagnoses and treatment of varied cases.
We are delighted to say that we have been privileged to handle some challenging and interesting complex cases in this facility within this period. We will over time publish them in our subsequent bulletins in order to furnish the public with an insight into our capabilities.



At alpheafam hospitals, we carry out medical consultancy and many other health related services. Notable among these are retainer-ship with companies, banks, schools, families and private individuals. These plans are structured to suit the convenience of our highly placed clients and institutions.

This gives the employee of the company opportunity to access quality health care services at the hospital. Employees are to select their health plan from the available plans of the hospital. Capitation is made every month to the hospital and subscribers are attended to any time they come to the facility with their medical identity/company cards. This also takes care of 2X medical check-up yearly, fitness and other laboratory checks etc.

(b) BANKS:
Same as company is applicable here.

Parents don’t take the health of their children seriously and this has been largely credited to poor handling of health issues of some pupil in schools. There’s need for the history of the health status of every child to
be well understood by their parents before they are sent to school. Alpheafam Hospitals will bridge this gap by running a comprehensive test on the child before admission into the school to discover possible challenges of the pupil and manage such for parent at cases of emergency during the academic session. Review is made on the
children at the beginning of every session i.e annually.

We have made health care services accessible to all even families. This is structured like the company’s retainer-ship with exception to monthly capitation but subject to yearly renewal. The benefits of this very plan are the free medical checks for BP and other consultancy services (Terms and condition) applies.
Note: Medical services for schools are borne by parents of the pupil except for first aid that will stabilize the child. Upon confirmation from the parents, the pupil will be treated in the hospital as may be advised.
Services of extra cost of either category are negotiable and on the premise of relationship, structured for sake of convenience. This is highly negotiable with management of the hospital and to be guaranteed by any of the beneficiary’s relative/company.


The heartbeat of ALPHEAFAM is our staff that provides the high quality medical care that we are noted for. We have a team of well-trained consultants in several fields to handle health issues of diverse degrees. We also do a lot of collaborations with other specialist in and outside the country. Also on the list are nurses, midwives and resident doctors available at all time to save life as the need arises.
We have specialists in areas such as family medicine, emergency medicine, preventive medicine, pediatrics, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology. There are bed spaces for both private and public wards fully equipped at the clinic to accommodate the rich and the poor in the society.